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Route Ehrbachklamm

Route Ehrbachklamm

The Ehrbach valley stretches over 17 km from Emmelshausen or Buchholz to Brodenbach. Marked with an “E”, the hiking trail leads along a unique landscape, past little waterfalls and eddies. The Hunsrück slate rises upwards on both sides but small climbing sections and brook crossings with the help of wooden bridges and steps also ensure plenty of variety. It’s no coincidence that the Ehrbach gorge is considered by nature lovers to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.

Four mills are located above the actual, rocky part of the gorge. The Daubisberger mill is no doubt an absolute highlight here with its water wheel, which is still in operation today. In the gorge itself, the path is partially cut into the rocks, leading past boulders and steep slopes. The forest path up to the old stone bridge, approximately 100 metres before the Eckmühle, forms the end of the gorge. From here, the path leads further through the Ehrenburg valley, past another four mills. Shortly before the end of the hike, you can take a look at the Ehrenburg castle from the patio of the Vogelsang mill whilst enjoying a cool beer or a piece of home-made cake, before reaching the goal in Brodenbach at the Mosel promenade.