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Ferienregion an der sonnigen Terrassenmosel

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Die Ehrenburg in Brodenbach

Herrliche Aussicht

Wanderregion mit Leib und Seele

Traumpfad Bergschluchtenpfad Ehrenburg

Traumpfad Bergschluchtenpfad Ehrenburg

The trail begins in Brodenbach and leads the hiker first into the Brodenbach valley. Bordered by steep hillsides, the narrow path slopes upwards with the reward of spectacular views. The subsequent passage through the Mosel slope leads to the Teufelslay shelter, where the Mosel is right at the hiker’s feet. Next, the Schafberg must be conquered and circled, offering a panoramic view over the entire region. On the long mountain, the path then leads through Nörtershausen in the Brodenbach valley.

The pristine nature, the steep slopes and mysterious caves, as well as the Donnerloch with its interplay between rock and gurgling water draw the hiker in. After leaving the valley, the mighty Ehrenburg castle is the next target in sight. It is formidably enthroned on a rocky spur high above the Ehrbachkamm and exudes a genuine Middle Ages aura. Before the castle bridge, the trail goes through the initial Ehrenbach valley at first downhill again, before the final passage on the “Sonnenring trail” leading directly to a steep slope in the direction of the Mosel valley. A narrow serpentine path winds its way downhill to Ehrenmal, which offers a final view of the Mosel. Once back in Brodenbach, the trail leads back to the starting point.