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Brodenbach is a state-approved health resort and is situated in a long curve of the River Mosel. The climate is particularly good, thanks to the well-forested surroundings.

History of the Brodenbach community


The remains of settlements from Roman times and graves from the Merovingian-Frankish period have been found in Brodenbach. An exact date for the founding and settlement of Brodenbach is unknown but it can be assumed that the site was settled at the time that Ehrenburg castle was built on the remains of a Roman fortification at the latest. Until the end of the 18th century, Brodenbach belonged to the dominion of Ehrenburg.

In 1798, Brodenbach was assigned to the canton of Treis under French governance. As the result of administrative reform two years later, Brodenbach fell under the Burgen mayor’s office and the arrondissement of Koblenz. In 1816, Brodenbach came under Prussian governance to the newly-created district of St. Goar. Brodenbach itself was promoted to become a new mayor’s office, to which the townships of Niederfell, Oberfell, Alken, Nörtershausen and Burgen also belonged.

Following territorial reforms in 1976, which saw a restructuring of the districts in the Koblenz administrative district, the district of St. Goar was dissolved. Brodenbach was transferred into the newly-created rural district of Mayen-Koblenz. Moreover, Brodenbach belongs in administrative terms to the local authority association of Untermosel with headquarters in Kobern-Gondorf. Today, Brodenbach is a very popular health resort with numerous excursion destinations

Wine and culinary pleasure, water and sport, hiking and more...


The climate in Brodenbach is particularly good, thanks to the well-forested surroundings. The two side valleys, the Ehrbachtal and Brodenbachtal, constantly conduct fresh air into this spot on the Mosel. For this reason, Brodenbach is a state-approved health resort.

Above the picturesque districts of the Ehrenburg valley, the Ehrenburg castle, built in the 12th century, dominates on a rocky outcrop. Brodenbach is renowned far and wide as a starting point and destination for numerous hikes, for example through the wild and romantic Ehrbachklamm gorge. Countless accommodation options in hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs or holiday apartments invite you to spend a relaxing holiday. The wonderfully situated camping site and sheltered yacht harbour are also suitable for holiday stays.

Leisure options: Hiking, cycling tours, motorbike tours, fishing, sailing, boat trips, wine tasting, historical experiences, water sports, and much more. Cast your fishing line, set sail, paddle contentedly in a dinghy or explore the Mosel on a boat tour, and experience some of the most enchanting landscape Germany has to offer.