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Route Donnerloch

Route Donnerloch

The Donnerloch circular route starts in Brodenbach and leads the hiker directly through the Brodenbach valley. The Brodenbach flows from its estuary in the Mosel at about 95m above sea level up to the source at about 372 m above sea level, without crossing other villages through a narrow valley. The narrow section is known as “Donnerloch”. The circular route owes its name to this section. Several watercourses flow on both sides of the Brodenbach. Bordered with steep slopes, it goes uphill on narrow paths. The pristine nature, the steep slopes and mysterious caves, as well as the Donnerloch with its interplay between rock and gurgling water draw the hiker in. After leaving the valley, the mighty Ehrenburg castle is the next target in sight. Then, it goes downwards in the direction of Ehrbachtal. In the historical district of Ehrenburgertal, half-timbered houses and apple grinders wait along the way. The hike follows the water course of a millrace up to the mill wheel of the Vogelsang mill. From there, there are a few meters to the starting point of the hike.